Dear Warrior Family, 

Wind & Warrior: From Spirit to Practice and Beyond is a space for activists and spiritualists to integrate their practice for greater impact in their communities and beyond. We envision this as a time to share, learn, and strategize with one another in concrete and intentional ways. 

The aim of this gathering is to nurture— in ourselves and each other— the application of Indigenous healing modalities within movements for transformative justice, in order to strengthen our capacity for radical love-based innovation in our organizing practices.

A major impetus for us to organize this forum is that we've often met folks who are active in movements for social and environmental justice and who are not connected to ‘spiritual’ communities. We've also met spiritual practitioners who embody principles of justice but are disconnected from groups fighting for public sector change at the local, state, national and global levels. We see a great potential for mutual empowerment among these groups which will yield momentum in our shared visions of a livable and liberated Earth for us All.

Imagine what will happen when we come together!  

The work we must do together is multifaceted and involves: 

  • Challenging unjust systems of race/class/gender/culture power and privilege

  • Dismantling policies, practices and military systems that perpetuate the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of few at the expense of the majority

  • Working to implement solutions, new relations and ways of being

  • Transforming our hearts, minds, spirits and practices to reflect the world we want to co-create now and in the future

This work - and the transformation it both requires and engenders - is urgently needed to bring into being a world that is just for all of its inhabitants.  



Wind & Warrior

From Spirit to Practice and Beyond