About Us

We are a group of four sisters who, in responding to A Call, has taken on the responsibility for the organization and logistical coordination of The Wind and Warrior gathering, while a larger circle of Spiritualists and Activists provide consultation on a variety of issues. 

We cannot speak on who we are without acknowledging the call of the Ancestors, Abosom, Orisha and Spirit Guides for such a gathering in this particular moment in history.  Nor can we share about ourselves without recognizing the role that the Circle of Light Society (a cultural institution in Washington, DC where we have cultivated spiritual sisterhood together for over 20 years) has played in connecting us time and time again, across decades, in ceremony, learning, and practice.  


We are, from Left to Right:


Nana Fofie Amina Bashir • Facilitator, Abettor, Questioner, Realm Traveler

For over 20 years, Nana Fofie has brought healing to her work as an organizer, educator, social and transformational justice activist, and personal and organizational facilitator. In 2015 she started Wisdom’s Ladder to work with individuals, families, and community organizations with a focus on addressing intergenerational trauma in marginalized communities and healing for healers. In New Orleans, Nana Fofie offers personal sessions, circle spaces, and workshops for grassroots organizations and community groups on issues of decolonizing spaces and movements, community building and accountability, and transformative justice. She currently serves groups and individuals across the U.S. and in India, Canada, South Africa, and Mexico. A spiritualist, counselor, medicine & energy healer trained in the Akom tradition of West Africa, Nana Fofie is passionate about the honoring curiosity, art, and (re)integration of our indigenous knowledges into future visioning. 


Karma Mayet • MFA, RYT Artist, Educator, Mystic
karmamayet.com | rootsong.net | spirallabguru.com

Karma is based in Brooklyn, New York and originally from Chicago, of Mississippi heritage.  Karma's gift as a channel of ancestral spirits has informed her life since childhood. Sharing messages from family ancestors and elemental beings, she offers healing modalities grounded in Rootwork, including stone and water blessings and insight readings.  Her work with youth in community settings, arts education, and grassroots organizations facilitates the cultivation of peace through justice within inter- and intra-personal relationships.  As the creator of the Rootsong* practice, she shares the process of somatic improvisation as a tool for personal and communal transformation with students from pre-schoolers to senior citizens and uses the creative process to facilitate healing and transformation. As a poet, composer, performer, vocal coach, professor, and yoga teacher, Karma brings the same reverence for the Mystery to each modality. 


Nana A. Korantemah Pierce Williams • MS-Mind Body Medicine, CMT-Certified Massage Therapist

An advocate for community growth, development, and healing, for more than 20 years Nana Korantemah has been an Akan Priestess (origin Ghana, West Africa), spearheading sacred healing rites for individuals and organizations. Currently pursuing doctoral studies in Mind-Body Medicine at Saybrook University, her body of work includes: developing and conducting individual and collective self-care and mindfulness practices; leading traditional empowerment and awareness programs for Rites of Passage entities; facilitation of small group trainings for survivors of trauma in its various forms; disrupting stagnant actions and thoughts through positive activities within grass roots and community environments; therapeutic bodywork, exploring the intersections of touch, guided imagery, meditation, and breath work as vehicles of release for various conditions in the body.  Nana Korantemah is a wife, sister, daughter, godmother, healer, educator, and life-long learner, who remains humbled by the healing power of compassion, forgiveness, and love.


Ife Afriye Fagbulu Kilimanjaro, Ph.D. • Mother, Social-Environmental Justice Activist

From DC to Detroit and beyond, Ife has dedicated her life to working among those challenging  exploitative socio-economic-political systems in order to co-create the basis for a new, just and sustainable world for all.  After receiving her doctorate in Sociology at Howard University, Ife has worked for over 20 years  with Black and brown led environmental and social justice organizations and frontline community organizations to strengthen their work, impact and effectiveness through relationship building, logistics coordination, strategic planning, and research; through the University of Kmt Press as contributing researcher/writer; and with individuals and groups through healing and spiritual development as Omo Awo (Ifa spiritual tradition), Okomfo (Akom spiritual tradition) and Reiki Master.