The Wind & the Warrior 2019

As we set intentions for The Wind and the Warrior 2019 gathering, we ground ourselves in our values, reflect deeply on our vision, work toward realizing our mission and remind ourselves of our commitments to re-visioning the systems that shape us and that we in turn shape. Moving from the inner self to the world around us, we
[Re]member and [re]claim and honor our languages, meanings and practices;
De-normalize the languages and behaviors of oppressive systems; Deconstruct & divest our languages and practices from the connections/connotations with oppressive systems within us first, then our families, communities and beyond

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The East - Water

East - the beginning, the sunrise, the black(ness), the light, Sankofa

Sacred Waters - purification, creation, destruction, reflection, transformation, conduicity, connectivity, vessel, container, shapeshifter, the wave & flow, sculptor of the grooves

The sankofa of East&Water is the part of our praxis that takes us back to the core and the beginning. What do we mean by healing? The sankofa of East & Water is a rooting in what is both the beginning and the constant of our spirit/movement work: healing. As our communities and  movements delve deeper to vision and structure such concepts as accountability, collaboration, abolition, and restorative/transformative process, this session invites us to their mutual connection and conduit of healing.

This session will use water ritual, rhythm and movement synchronization to explore what we mean by (and need from) healing.

Lead Facilitation by Nana Fofie


In the course of our lives we simultaneously choose and are chosen to walk along pathways toward fulfillment of our Greatest Good or Highest Destiny.

At times the journey is unclear, uncertain or confusing. At other times the realities of life make it necessary to adjust, realign and consider other possibilities.  In this session, participants will together and alone explore two central questions: How can I manifest in this lifetime my Greatest Good? And how can I scale up my process to advance needed changes in family, community and movements? Our methods will be grounded in the element of fire and the cardinal direction of the south

Lead Facilitation by Ife Afriye

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How can we fortify the practice of forgiveness, rooting in our hearts the needed mercy whose medicine makes coalition possible?

Along the magnetic currents of our home planet Earth, the energies of the West bring us powers of release and connect us with our ancestors. Energy channels (called Nadis in Vedic yoga, meridians in Chinese medicine) within our subtle bodies are activated and transformed by sound vibrations.

Together we will hum, sing, moan and speak into our bodies, from within our bodies, using intentional healing spells, mantras, and affirmations to shake loose, alchemize and release unconscious punishment-based emotional body blocks comprised of the unforgiven. 

Lead Facilitation by Karma Mayet


How does giving ourselves permission to release, transform, and actualize our authentic self look in our black and brown communities?

How does empowering self look? Earth work will serve as foundation. Lifting the ancestors by name will root our work. Working with the earth will fill us. These practices, in addition to guided imagery, aural movements, and ancient rituals, will help with transformational healing, releasing emotional distress, and enhancing our overall wellness.

Lead Facilitation by Nana Korantema