Past Retreats

Wind and Warrior 2017 Creative Healing Sessions


Opening the Way with the Rose of Jericho

Facilitated by Afia Karma Mayet

To shape the wind is to choose a paradigm shift within, and to cultivate a fiercely open vulnerability. During this session we will make earth spirit medicine working with the plant medicine of the Rose of Jericho, to help us to live into our commitments to ourselves by dissolving subtle barriers to freedom of mind and spirit. Each woman gathered will create a medicine bath for herself in supportive community and experience the refreshing release and channel-opening power of the Rose of Jericho. This will enable each of us to journey through the coming days with rich intentionality and reverence for the self. 

The Magic of Sumans: Harnessing and Giving Direction to Energy Medicine Pouches

Facilitated by Nana Korantemah Pierce Williams

Wind and Warrior Participants will harness and mold kinetic energy fields to create sumans (energy pouches) with specific intentions; and release unwanted energetic vibrations. 

Healing through Conflict: Restorative and Transformative Practices for Accountability and Resolution 

Facilitated by Nana Fofie Bashir

We will create ritual together, and learn to integrate medicine and transformative practices for peacemaking and conflict resolution with family, in movement building, and in community; and for ourselves as facilitators of energy at home, work, and in community.

Sacred Circle: The Transformative Power and Beauty of Collective Prayer

Facilitated by Afriye Ife Kilimanjaro

The Mothers gathered around the tree to pray. Today each came with the understanding that today’s prayer would be different. Unlike yesterday - when the Mothers called for healing, elevation and prosperity for their families - the charge is of a different nature.  Unlike the day before - when the Mothers prayed for themselves, for support in the manifestation of their most Divine Purpose, the healing of their bodies, minds and spirits and formation of just relationships - today their work is outwardly focused.Today the Mothers gather around the Great Tree to call upon the Ancestors and the Divine Light Beings in the Unseen Worlds to listen and carry forward The Collective Prayer. We will collaboratively envision an intention to cover and hold our unified prayers as they arrive. 

At Wildseed


Wildseed's Sun House will be our main lodging for shared and limited private accomodations. Tenting on the land is a beautiful option as well! Maps of ideal tenting locales as well as walkways to key gathering locations will be provided.  

Young World Children's Day

Childcare will be provided for the first 6 children ages (3-12) that will accompany registrants.  Nia Kilimanjaro will lead young people through a variety of activities on Saturday and Sunday morning that include farm care (such as feeding the chickens, weeding gardens) games, nature play, and creative arts.

Childcare will be provided on Saturday from 9:00am - 5:15pm and Sunday from 9:00am - 11:15am to support parents' ability to immerse themselves completely in each session, knowing the young ones are cared for, safe, and creatively engaged. 


The cost of food is included in the registration fees and will be provided by Chef Stefanie will provide delicious vegan meals, with options at dinner for vegetarian and meat eaters. Meals will be provided according to the following schedule:

  • Friday: Dinner

  • Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Sunday: Breakfast and a mid-day snack

  • We will provide healthy snacks daily.

Collective Work and Responsibility

All participants will be asked to sign up for tasks related to maintaining a clean space. These responsibilities include dishwashing after each meal, sweeping the kitchen, cleaning and wiping down tables after meals, and cleaning the bathrooms.

As a whole and in principle, we want to share in the responsibility and commitment to care for this beautiful space members of the Wildseed Collective have graciously entrusted to us.


Rejuvenation and Community-Led Sessions at the Wind and Warrior 2017 Gathering

Head and Foot Washing

As you enter into the Wind and Warrior gathering, we'll offer you a light herbal wash for your head; enjoy this opportunity to release the residue of stress, work, multifold responsibilities, and more so that you can move through the weekend with clarity and deep connection. At the conclusion of our Gathering on Sunday we'll offer a medicine bath and foot washing ritual designed to seal and bless this part of your journey before you prepare to leave the Gathering. 

Sand Play

Wind and Warrior participants are invited to give themselves a divination-of-sorts using a set of play items they select, organize and interpret.  Specific instructions will be provided on site.

Drum and Fire Circle

The purpose of the drum and fire circle is to inspire connections through song, dance, music, storytelling and pure enjoyment that comes with being in nature.

your offerings

This year, time has been designated for any woman who attends WW 2017 to lead open sessions in dance, meditation, and other offerings according to your interest. Schedule details will be shared at registration. 


Participants may use the sauna in the Sun House during the designated hours on the schedule you'll receive after registration. 


Enjoy a swim in the pool. It is cleaned using a salt water process and does not contain chlorine.


Wildseed's 181 acres and surrounding Land Preserves offer ample invitations to walk in nature; guided hikes to local waterfalls and other wonders may be arranged as well!


About the Wildseed Collective

Learn more about Wildseed! Click HERE

Community Agreements

The Land of the Wildseed Collective and Wind and Warrior organizers ask that all Gathering participants be intentional in their use of water, use only biodegradable products outdoors, and follow guidelines that we will provide in detail when you arrive, regarding stewardship of the land's resources.


Gathering Location and Transportation


The Wind and Warrior Gathering 2017 will take place at

Wildseed Community Farm and Healing Village

636 Rudd Pond Rd., Millerton, NY.  

We encourage you to plan to arrive between 3-5 pm on Friday Aug. 4.

Please let us know if you will be making alternative arrival plans and we will do our best to help if we can!


By Train TAKE Metro North From Grand Central or 125th Street in nyc to Wassaic station

CLICK HERE TO check the schedule online 

We will provide pick-ups from Wassaic Station to Wildseed at several designated times on Friday, and offer shuttles on Sunday as well. Schedule details will be shared after you register. 

By Car

GPS/Google Maps works fine: 636 Rudd Pond Road, Millerton, NY 12546.

Please read below to help you navigate the last few miles coming from the south:

  • Heading North on 22, from the light in the Village of Millerton, continue straight on 22 for 3 more miles.

  • Turn right on County Route 62 / Rudd Pond Road.

  • Within 1/2 mile, look for a Wind and Warrior sign.

  • Turn left into the driveway.

If you are driving...we recommend that you print directions to have as a back up before you hit the road. When driving in areas outside mid- or large-sized cities, phone service can often be spotty. So we want you to be prepared in the event that GPS loses its signal.

If you would like to carpool, please join and share that on the Wind and Warrior Retreat Facebook Page. It is a closed group, so only those in the group will be able to post and see the activity. If anyone plans to rent a car from the airport and is willing to carpool please share that on the FB page as well!

Schedule At-a-Glance


Friday 8/4


  • Registration

  • Head washing

  • Sandplay  

6:00pm Invocation and Announcements

6:15pm Dinner

7:15pm Clean up

7:30pm Welcome, Opening Circle

9:30  Drum and Fire Circle


Saturday 8/5

7:00am Yoga &/or Meditation (participant led)

8:00am Breakfast

9:00am Clean up

9:00am-11:15am Wind and Warrior Youth Camp

9:15am  Session 1:  Opening the Way with Rose of Sharon

10:45am  Break with snack

11:15am  Session 2: The Magic of Sumans: Harnessing Intention and Giving Direction to Medicine

12:45pm  Lunch

2:15pm   Clean up

2:30pm  Session 3: Healing through Conflict: Restorative and Transformative Practices for Accountability and Resolution

4:00pm  Self-Organized Time (hiking, swimming, rest, etc.)

5:15pm   Dinner

6:45pm   Clean up

7:00pm   Personal Time

8:00pm  Fire and Drum Circle (led by participants)


sunday 8/6

7:00am Yoga &/or Meditation (participant led)

8:00am Breakfast and Packing

9:00am Clean Up

9:15am  Session 4:  Sacred Circle: Transformative power and Beauty of collective prayer

10:45am Closing and Foot Washing

12:30pm Depart

Preparing for the Trip


The month of August is characterized by moderate temperatures, with daily highs around 82°F and lows of about 60°F. You should expect rain and prepare for it.


The Wind and Warrior Gathering is taking place during a time when ticks are abundant.  It will be important to take certain precautions to avoid tick bites.  Key among them are:

  1. Use bug repellant. If you forget, we will have some onsite.

  2. Wear long sleeves, pants and socks.

  3. Check yourself for ticks daily.


Here is a link to one of the many online resources for tick safety information.

What to Pack

  • Towel and washcloth

  • Sheets and Pillow cases

  • Biodegradable soap, shampoo, other toiletries

  • Refillable water bottle

  • Comfortable walking shoes, preferably waterproof in the event of rain.

  • Sufficient supply of medication you take in labeled containers

  • Antibacterial hand wipes (or alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol)

  • Light jacket, rain gear (umbrella) for cooler and/or wet days.

  • Sun screen

  • Insect repellant

  • If you tent, be sure to bring your tent and supplies.




Wind and Warrior Weekend 2016

Flowering Lotus Meditation and Retreat Center

Upon registration, you'll be automatically assigned to 2 Workshop Sessions -- one Saturday morning, and one Saturday afternoon. After each workshop session, all attendees will gather and we will hold Synthesis Sessions. During Synthesis Sessions, we'll share experiences from each of the concurrently held Workshop Sessions, morning and afternoon. Please note that you will not need to choose workshops to attend. We've planned the Synthesis Sessions to ensure we'll all be infused with the goodness and knowledge going on throughout the concurrent morning and evening sessions. Below, we offer descriptions of Workshop Sessions and the outline of our Daily Schedule. 

Wind and Warrior Weekend August 5-7, 2016

Workshop Descriptions

Saturday Morning

Passion, Pathway & Purpose

Facilitated by Nana Fofie Amina Bashir

What drives, empowers, and sustains you? This session will challenge our ideas about purpose as we delve into our creativity and visioning. How do your intuition and inspiration interact to inform your work? Tap into your passion(s) and S/spirit to create pathways that shape and fortify your connection to your work and your sense of purpose. We will address processes for deconditioning disempowering mindsets and behaviors as Women of Color, including limiting ideas of 'life purpose.' Explore how the integration of Spirit, Creativity, and Radical Self-Love can enliven our activism/community work and collaboration.


Movement As A Way Of Life

Facilitated by Nana Korantemah Pierce Williams

In this session we’ll create a personal guardian champion.  We will address negative self-talk and fears based in doubt and self image. We’ll define what movement looks like; movement as a vehicle for  reducing chronic disease; identifying self-sabotaging thoughts/behaviors which limit movement; releasing blockages generated from unhappy postures and emotional stagnation; developing a mindfulness movement practice as an extension of spiritualist and/or activist lifestyle.  


Saturday Afternoon

Unifying the Wind and the Warrior for Social Change

Facilitated by Ife Afriye Fagbulu Kilimanjaro

Spirituality and activism are often thought of as occupying different spheres of our lives, with the former being what we do in our homes and the latter what we do in communities or work. But what might our fights for justice look like if we directed our spirituality and spiritual practices toward them? In this interactive workshop, participants will explore and share strategies and practices for the integration of spiritual practice and activism toward social change.  


Radical Mercy and The Warrior

Facilitated by Karma Mayet Johnson

How do we come to know Mercy, that Grace which is completely undeservable, yet ever inalienable? What does it mean to Be Radical, to Center your Root? In this workshop we’ll co-create warrior tools to sustain and replenish the mind. This session will focus on how we choose our warrior strategies moment-to moment in community, in movement leadership and in collaborative contexts-- by prioritizing Radical Mercy Toward The Self.  


Wind and Warrior Weekend August 5-7, 2016

Daily Schedule


3:00pm         Registration

5:00pm         Dinner

6:30pm         Welcome, Opening Circle

7:45pm         Open Time

9:00pm         Fire Ceremony


7:00am         Yoga (optional)

8:00am         Breakfast

9:00-            Small Group  Sessions 1 and 2

10:30am        Break

11:00am        Collective  Synthesis Session

12:30pm        Silent Meditation

1:00pm         Lunch

2:30pm         Workshop  Sessions 3 and 4

4:00pm         Break

4:30pm         Collective Synthesis Session

6:00pm         Dinner

7:00pm         Open Time

9:00pm         Drum and Dance


4:00am        Libation,Prayer, Meditation (optional)

7:00am        Yoga (optional)

7:30am        Silent meditation

8:00am        Breakfast

9:00am        Moving beyond the Retreat: Culminating Synthesis Session to seed ongoing work

10:30am       Break

10:45am       Collective Commitment Circle

11:45am        Break

12:00pm       Closing Circle