Our vision for the Wind & Warrior gathering is to strengthen movements for justice by aligning social activism and community spiritual practice.      

These questions inspired us to create a space that would bring together people who could explore answers together.  Rooted in the spiritual traditions of Africa and Indigenous America, what we aim to do with the Wind and Warrior gathering is to...

  • Draw from lessons of the ancestors and call upon the energies of souls who have elevated, to assist us in our struggles;

  • Share skills and tools to nurture, heal and strengthen the mind, body and spirits of those engaged in movement building;

  • Create a common assessment of movement opportunities for collective action; and

  • Develop a toolkit for collective action that integrates key discussions and lessons of the gathering.

From the Wind & Warrior gathering, participants will take lessons, skills and tools to their organizations and communities to continue building stronger justice movements empowered by and rooted in the cultural and spiritual traditions of their people.  

Our Vision

In our vision, the present and future are one.  We acknowledge and affirm that all that we envision for the future exists in the present and that the tools and resources we need for the future, we currently hold.  We are led by this vision, remaining open to unlimited possibilities and uninhibited by fears.

We are free to grow and thrive spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually.  We have the tools, capacities and guidance to communicate openly with one another and the many human, plant, animal and spirit communities that live in and around us.

We trust and love one another. We share, learn and grow together. We conjure, communicate and connect with one another. Our memories are restored and our connections with the ancestors are reactivated, strengthened and made whole.

People of all ages and genders hold a sacred and valuable place in community and society: elders are revered for their lives, lessons and legacies; youth hold a valuable place for their insights, passions and energies; those who’ve passed and those yet unborn are enlivened through the good deeds of the living; and together we work to feed our minds, bodies and spirits.  In as much as we feed, care for and nurture our communities, so too do they feed, care for and nurture us.

Because we revere the divine interconnectedness of all things, we embody relationship justice and live in right relationship with Mother Earth and one another (Buen vivir).  

Healing and activism are unified in movement/activist spaces and processes. As we advance movements, transformation and change, as spirit warrior healers we embody and practice the same principles of care for ourselves and families.

We embody the world we seek to bring into existence in thought, word and deed.